Monday, August 30, 2004

Van Helsing, The London Assignment

"Van Helsing, The London Assignment" is an animated short, produced to promote the live-action move "Van Helsing," starring Hugh Jackman. It's more focused and features a more coherent backstory than its live-action companion.

=spoiler warning=

Still firmly set in the multi-monster-verse (which is a plus), we get more back story on both heroes and villains. Perhaps it was an unnecessary credibility leap to feature Hyde's love of Victoria specifically when any woman would've done (and there was no mention of the power that goes with marrying a queen), and I can't imagine how she had the strength to hang onto those ropes/ledges. But the animation is top-notch, and the writer doesn't hold back on stakes.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Roy's And Bats

Tried Roy's Hawaiian Fushion Cuisine in the warehouse district (quite excellent), followed by bat watching at the Four Seasons (try the farthest west window table in the lobby lounge).

Uchi, The Driskill, Ghosts, and My Road Trip To The Pretty Girl Capital Of The World

Extremely impressed by Uchi on South Lamar last night; went on to downtown's most haunted locale The Driskill Hotel. If you want to hear all of its spooky stories, try the Austin Ghost Tours. Wear comfortable shoes.

Greg and I went on the tour last fall with author Brian Yanksy, whose first novel was set in Austin. If you haven't already, read:

MY ROAD TRIP TO THE PRETTY GIRL CAPITAL OF THE WORLD by Brian Yansky (Cricket, 2003). In this journey to the self (and from Iowa to Austin), Simon’s struggling to keep things together. He’s skating the law, recently dumped, and dealing with a dad who just doesn’t understand. Overwhelmed, he hits the road to find his biological parents and roadside wisdom about evil advertisers, scary giants, witches, ETs, friendship, nature/nurture, and, well, pretty girls. One part magic, two parts tall tale, this debut is one to read and remember. Ages 12-up.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Turning Season

Spotted a man crossing Lamar today with a big beard, big belly, denim and big boots, his grey-streaked hair tied with leather. Was he a were-bear or wild westy ghost, strolling in the broad daylight? Ventured on to South Congress where vendors peddled crosses and pentagrams to the faithful and faithless in shops and road-side stands. Tourists and locals and the U students finally back for harvest season. People wonder where I get my ideas. I wonder, how do they not get them?

Friday, August 27, 2004

Signed In Blood?

Was it signed in blood? Not really. But who doesn't like to read: "Here is your fully signed contract with Candlewick..."? Also, the line about the check "sent to you at the end of the week" is all good.

Begging for forgiveness via email, my new editor promises to have a letter to me by the end of the second week in September or "[m]ay I morph into something with fangs if I fail you."

Hmmm... I'm kind of thinking that maybe I'd be willing to wait yet another week just to see if she comes through with the fangs-morphing thing. I mean, really. That could be fairly entertaining.

What I'm coveting today: Edgar Allen Poe action figure, spotted at Terra Toys (new location on Anderson Lane). It's near the House of Torment, for those in the know.

What else: the witch at Breed & Co. on 29th Street; clap your hands and she cackles. Okay, possibly offensive to Wiccans (sorry, sorry), but there is an oh-so cute factor in that outraged/cooing Willow kind of way. You know what I mean. Bad Cyn.

Current books: just finished THE ORDER OF THE POISON OAK by Brent Hartinger (Harper, 2005), which is a sequel to GEOGRAPHY CLUB; starting SON OF THE MOB: HOLLYWOOD HUSTLE by Gordon Korman (Hyperion, 2004), which is a sequel to SON OF THE MOB.