Sunday, March 19, 2006

Love Story Tea

"Let Bloody Mary cure what St. Patrick gave you."
--sign for a Tex-Mex restaurant on Lake Austin Blvd.

Quiet day. I keyed in changes to my world guide for F&M and did a bit of research. Issues of concern included historic knives, Chicago's North Shore, and the San Francisco Opera.

GLS and I are taking tonight off to watch "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" on DVD and sip "Love Story Tea" (black tea blended with rosebuds and chocolate flavoring) from Tea Embassy at 900 Rio Grande--just northeast of BookPeople. I'd given him the tea for Valentine's Day, and this was the first time we'd tried it. I know I've mentioned Tea Embassy before, but in case you missed it, the shop is family-owned, in a charming historic home, and something of an urban Oasis to the extent we're, well, urban in this college town/state capital.

I like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" because it's set in Chicago, which is one of my fave big cities, because its message is loving your large, occasionally intrusive family (who, us?) without letting its expectations define you, and because it underscores the idea of matriarchial daily life. I also like the idea that you can reinvent yourself at any time. I've done some reinventing myself in the past couple of years. I sense more on the horizon.

Spooky News & Links

I'd like to welcome my dear pal and fellow Austin area author AL to the online children's/YA book creator community! Visit her new website, leave a comment on her new blog, and consider linking to either/both.

Thanks to Monique Madigan on her recent cheers from my LJ syndication! Sending cheers to ERC!