Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Spookycyn Returns, Redesign

It's great to be back!

After some tech angst during the Blogger upgrade, I'm delighted to be back on Spookycyn again. Regular visitors will note that both Spookycyn and Cynsations have been redesigned. I also have launched a mirror site to Cynsations on LiveJournal.

Today, I'm going to sit down in the sunroom (ironic, I know) and read Eternal with whichever cat graces me with his company. I enjoyed integrating the setting notes from Chicago into the mss, and I feel that it gives the story more grounding. GLS took a look for me this weekend and had fairly minor comments. I need to beef up Z's epiphany, which I've already drafted. It's difficult because he and M, who're alternating POV protagonists, essentially come to their realizations simultaneously. It's more important to stay in the moment with her, so his right now follows. I'm not sure that's effective. It's definitely breaking a guidelines, though I'm totally willing to do that if it works. The question: does it? I'll find out today.