Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Over and Over You by Amy McAuley

Over and Over You by Amy McAuley (Roaring Brook, 2005). Penny is haunted by vivid dreams that feel so real, almost as if they...were? After being tipped off by a psychic, she's starting to consider extreme possibilities, destinies, and even true love. Penny's voice is engaging, her plight compelling, and her command of historical factoids inspirational. A wonderful choice for romantics, fantasy fans, and those who appreciate psychic (and psychological) puzzles. Ages 12-up.

Cyn's Hypothetical Past Lives

Nefertiti (because why not be queen?)

Mary Shelley (for obvious reasons; don't miss the picture book bio by Sharon Darrow)

Most Excellent Amazon Warrior (because of my Wonder Woman fixation)

Eartha Kitt (even though she's still gloriously alive because it's my list and I say so)

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Debbi Michiko Florence: Writer & Bibliophile offers a buzz review of Over and Over You.