Saturday, November 17, 2007

Writing Full Time

I'm off the road for a good long while now. As much as I enjoyed my various fall speaking events, it's lovely to be able to settle into my final revision of the new novel.

At some point this season, I fell wildly in love with the story. Though I've always liked and believed in the characters, that was long coming (I think) because this has been my busiest year.

I've read through once this weekend, and there's one more art element that I'd like to try, to see if it will smooth a time jump. Then it's mostly a matter of polishing and fact checking. I need to pay particular attention to the calendar within the story. I've moved the time line twice. Thanks to AB for her recent read and encouragement.

Spooky News & Links

My report on the Norman, Oklahoma event is on Cynsations, along with a Native heritage book-and-poster giveaway.

A Moment of Geekery from Barry Lyga (author interview).

"TMS science teacher mixes learning and fun" by Rebecca Lackie from the Taylor Daily Press. Fun, upbeat article focusing on the efforts of teacher and Austin SCBWI RA Tim Crow.