Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bone, Copyedits, Blue is for Nightmares, Spiderwick, Tantalize Fan Trailer

Cartoonist Jeff Smith rocks the world of graphic novels: interview by Linda M. Castellitto from BookPage. Here's a sneak peek: "Librarians and teachers have let me know they are getting reluctant readers to read with Bone. So people can actually see there are benefits to graphic novels, vs. the stigma that always was attached to comics... I knew it wasn't true. I learned to read because of comics." Visit Boneville. Note: As a pre-schooler, I learned to read with comics from the nearest convenience store and picture books from my local public library.

Did You Know Red Pencil is Harder to Erase than Gray Pencil? from Janni Lee Simner's LJ, Desert Dispatches. Brief insights into the copy editing stage; very on mark (so to speak). Note: I'm doing the same thing this weekend myself.

School Advice from Blue Is For Nightmares series characters at Laurie Faria Stolarz's website. Read Laurie's LJ. Read a Cynsations interview with Laurie.

More Personally

I highly recommend "The Spiderwick Chronicles" movie, based on the book series from Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi! I saw it last weekend at the Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar here in Austin. The storyline, acting, and effects are all fantastic. You'll want to buy the DVD later, but don't wait until then to watch the film. Especially with the amazing effects, it's well worth seeing on the big screen! Learn more about The Spiderwick Chronicles. Read a Cynsations interview with Holly.

This week's social highlight was an absolutely delightful two-hour lunch with SB, debut author of A Thousand Never Evers (Delacorte, 2008), at Suzi's China Grill on Shoal Creek.

SB is new to the Austin writing for youth community and interested in lining up school visits for the 2008-2009 school year.

I had my favorite lunch menu item--Hunan shrimp with vegetables and brown rice. I also brought home my fried chicken leg and crab won ton for GLS.

My thanks to J, a member of Tantalize Fans Unite! (a reader-created group) at MySpace, for designing a couple of Tantalize-inspired book trailers. Jamie is age 14 and hails from Kentucky. She also is a writer. See trailer one (highlighting the transformation aspect) and trailer two, which draws more on the murder mystery.