Saturday, February 16, 2008

Racing the Dark

Catching Up With Alaya Dawn Johnson from Coe Booth at The Longstockings. Here's a sneak peek: "There's a certain element of the invisibility of privilege, I suppose. But if nothing else, the more fantasy that's published with non-white characters, the more non-white fans will feel welcome in the genre." Visit The Longstockings at MySpace!

More Personally

GLS cooked the following Valentine's Day dinner: boiled shrimp and hearts of palm over Romaine and radicchio with asiago and cracked peppercorn dressing, lobster tails, baked potatoes, and dark-chocolate-covered strawberries. He gave me cat-themed bottle cap magnets and taco-shaped soap from Eclectic. I gave him two heart-shaped silver plates from Prima Dora.

Then we watched "13 Going on 30" on DVD.

The week's highlights also included lunch with KA at P.F. Chang's, and today I look forward to VJ's signing at Barnes & Noble Round Rock.