Monday, October 24, 2005

Dian Curtis Regan: Why "Desperate Housewives" is a Fairy Tale

This post by children's/YA author Dian Curtis Regan about "Desperate Housewives" is shared from a private message board with express permission:

1. Susan is a children's book author/illustrator, yet we never see her actually writing or illustrating or even talking about her work--other than to say it's what she does for a living.

2. She lives in a gorgeous house, presumably off of her writing income.

3. Last night's episode showed her at the book launch for her first picture book. Reason it's a fairy tale? People actually showed up.

4. Her agent needs her to sign with him so he can stay in business. (After publishing one picture book? Hahahahaha.)

5. Why does her agent live nearby? Where exactly IS Wisteria Lane?

6. She works at home, yet dresses in fashionable, cleavage-baring outfits, with hair and make-up beautifully done. (Okay, I do that, too. Hahahahahaha.)

7. And that cute plumber, Mike, across the street who never seems to be working, yet is around to look hunky and gaze at her endearingly......?

8. Last night, she said she was 'behind in her work.' Where is her messy home office? We never see it.

Note: Dian does however admit that her plumber's name is "Mike."