Sunday, January 22, 2006

Snapshots from San Antonio

Just back from a whirlwind sweep through ALA midwinter in San Antonio. GLS and I stayed at La Mansion del Rio, which is wonderfully haunted, though perhaps not worth the extra money for a river view unless you really want to hear 50s tunes until midnight and beyond (I was too tired to care).

Highlights included:

lunch at Boudro's with my glam, whip-smart CW editor, DW (guacamole and perhaps one more margarita than absolutely necessary, but when on the Riverwalk...)(she mentioned the possibility of companion book to T--hmmm);

lunch at Zuni with PRG (author interview);

dinner at Sage (at the Fairmount) with DMF, an editor at Simply Read, and the lovely J;

breakfast with SR, JK (author interview), FB (author interview), HVF (author interview), NW (author interview), and the lovely MP;

spotting DT, VJ, BG (live!), and all manner of publishing types on the floor.

Great time and fabulous folks, but I'm fried both in terms of sheer endurance as well as stress---juggling a long-distance family health crisis. May be on a plane sometime this week.