Thursday, January 12, 2006

Speed Dating

So far, Vermont hasn't really been all that chilly. Not to tempt Snow Miser, but I don't think he's trying that hard.

Highlights of the residency so far include KLG's opening night talk. She's a tremendously thoughtful, intelligent, and inspiring speaker. I also particularly enjoyed a party in town with the graduating students and faculty. Also, the food is much better this time!

Today begins the speed-dating portion of the event. What happens is that faculty are assigned to various locations around campus. The students come on a flowing basis to ask us questions about our styles and interests. Then after a few such exchanges, they'll be asked to preference which of us they'd like to work one-on-one with over the course of the next semester.

The farther along they are in the program, the fewer choices they put down (so they have a higher chance of getting their top choice).

Fifteen minutes to go! I'm excited to talk to whomever wants to chat with me...but my inner seventh grader frets a tad that I'll be a wallflower.