Monday, May 15, 2006


Swamped! That's what I was feeling as I tried to wrap my mind around doing both my talk on retellings for the upcoming VC residency and an article on YA gothic fantasy. Right now, F&M is in the hands of my crit group, but it sails back to my lap (along with three sets of feedback) on the 30th. Given the upcoming demands of my competing so-called non-writing life, it occurs to me that I actually can't do all of this happily and simultaneously.

At this point in my career, it makes more sense to focus on turning in a new gothic fantasy novel mss to my editor than a related journal article. I'll still do the article, but down the road (provided another author in the genre doesn't beat me to it, in which case--hey!--I'm available for quotes). In fact, I'll probably do a GF talk for the winter residency, in which case competing to-dos can become compatible ones. I'm so spazzy. Sometimes I need to give myself permission not to do something, at least for the now.

Thus ends my deep thoughts for the day.