Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Jennifer Ziegler as tagged me at Spookycyn for a MEME (complete with subliminal message--LOL; thanks, Jennifer!) asking which blogs I visit regularly. Jennifer is the author of Alpha Dog (Delacorte, 2006)(author interview).

As any who reads Cynsations knows, that list--as related to children's-YA lit--is enormous and, for the most part, can be found from the links in the sidebar to authors and illustrators and more global children's-YA literature blogs. (Note: feel free to write with suggested additions).

For the sake of highlighting, though, today I'll nod to a few new-voice author blogs: Sarah Aronson, Chris Barton, Liz Gallagher, and Jo Whittemore. (Reminder to new-voice watchers: check out the class of 2K7.).

I wish I could point to others on subjects of passion like archery or comics or one of my fandoms (say, Wonder Woman), but my online time is fairly focused. Also one of my friends is a photoJ with an amazing Flickr. Chincoteague Island anyone?

In a totally optional way, I'll tag authors Niki Burnham, Cecil Castellucci, April Lurie, and Marlene Perez. Read Cynsations interviews with Niki, Cecil, April, and Marlene.