Thursday, March 01, 2007

Eternal Off to Boston; Cyn Launches MySpace

I had the pleasure of sending my draft of Eternal to my CP editor a couple of days ago. I look forward to revisions, but for now, I'm needing a break. I've been playing with it so long that the whole thing is starting to blur. Distance and a fresh eye will help.

In other news, I've launched a MySpace! Please surf by to check it out and consider me as a friend. It's interesting because--for someone with two blogs, one of which is mirrored and both of which are syndicated and with a main author and book-specific site--I originally found the interface intimidating. Yet, I found actually putting it together and selecting a design really enjoyable.

Spooky Links

Author Interview: Deborah Lynn Jacobs on Powers (Roaring Brook, 2006) at Cynsations. Powers is a great read and centers on a psychic connection.