Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Creative Fire

"You will be a dragon of creative fire this week. "Watch your aim."
--fortune in Greg's cookie tonight at Suzi's South

"Your ability for accomplishment will follow with success."
--fortune in my cookie tonight at Suzi's South

"Hey, can I trade?"
--me to GLS

I don't know that I either demonstrated an ability for accomplishment or aimed any creative fire, though the latter sounds more, well, fiery, but I did manage to pound out a new scene of my WIP today and got a few more ideas about where the story is headed. It felt good to write after having been so long swamped with events and grading.

I look forward to the VC residency, but I also look forward to settling in after that and really focusing on my own writing. The ideas are flowing, flowing, flowing. I need to get fiercer about protecting my own writing time. Roar!