Monday, December 19, 2005

Fall Under Her Spell

"Fall under her spell."
--tagline for "Teen Witch," now available on DVD

Not enough people appreciate the cheeseball genius of "Teen Witch" (1989), which is worth renting for the rap number (it's a musical) and casting of Zelda Rubinstein ("Poltergeist") as Louise's mentor, Madame Serena, and Dick Sargent ("Bewitched") as her dad. I watched it probably a million times on HBO as a teenager, but until this week could only find it on video with Spanish subtitles (okay, that was kind of fun). But now, now, it's on DVD--can't top that!

Lunch today at Green Pastures (looks gorgeous decorated for the holidays) with DT, who brought GLS and I portraits of ourselves and (to date) mystery gift. Peahen sightings: 2!