Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Christmas Eve and Day were quiet and lovely. GLS and I watched "The Year Without A Santa Claus" and "Teen Witch." We enjoyed quite a lot of seafood, cheese, apples, and a traditional turkey dinner with the healthier of the trimmings.

Along with some smaller items, I gave GLS an electric train and he gave me an iPOD, which is a lot easier to use when I'm walking the treadmill than my CD player. It's also less perilous if I drop it.

We had lunch yesterday with SA and her charming teacher-sis at Eastside Cafe and then dinner and crit group in Travis Peak at TC's log cabin overlooking the lake. Everyone seemed pleased with progress on my wip, especially D's dry voice, the sparking romance, etc. They advised narrowing the fantasy world, which will heighten the focus on D&T, and that makes sense.

Tonight, I look forward to the arrival of my cousin and her boyfriend. She's from Antler's, Oklahoma, by way of NYC. Post blogging, I'll be finishing my thank-you cards and tidying up the house for their arrival.