Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cut Ellipsis

Hooray! I just emailed my editor my first pass notes for Tantalize (Candlewick, 2007). They consist of a few style questions--"Homo sapiens" in italics? "web site" or "website?"--a few corrected key-in glitches, a few clarifications, a wee bit of normal neurotic author fiddling, and--cough--the cutting of no less than 102 (if I counted correctly) ellipses. 102!

Some are snipped to periods, others changed to dashes or commas, and a few floaters just zipped right out. And it's so funny and embarassing because I remember a note on the copy edits gently hinting something about the multitude of ellipses, and I just couldn't see it, but wow!

In the typeset version, it not only looks like overuse or an affectation but a literal swarm. They're everywhere! It's a horror novel unto itself!

I found a couple of other funny affections, one for 7 A.M. or 7 P.M. as a time reference and even more oddly, one for 2:43 P.M. (used twice to indicate different days in the space of two pages).