Friday, April 21, 2006

Eastside Poets

I gratefully handed off F&M to my supportive critique group last night, and I have no intention of looking at it again until I hear back from them next month. We served both deep dish (spinach and cheese) and thin crust (sausage and mushroom on whole wheat) pizza from Mangia for dinner. I had a Greek salad, which I'm sure paled by comparison.

Comments on the chapter of F&M that I read included: much laughter; a couple of suggested jokes, both of which I'll try to work in; "I like the international flavor;" "I like the traditional mixed in;" "a total riot;" and "I love T. He rocks. He rules."

Today, after I worked out this afternoon, I started reading my first pages for Tantalize (Candlewick, 2007). I'm sure this will be my primary preoccupation for the weekend. So far, I have spotted a ridiculous overuse of the ellipses.

Tonight, though, GLS and I had dinner with RK (author interview) and his wife (a retired immigration attorney; she had this fabulous turquoise thing going on) at Eastside (had the mushroom, chicken avocado soup), followed by a drink at the Driskill. They're in town from L.A. for a poetry event.