Sunday, April 02, 2006

Spike Versus Dracula

I've finished reading through F&M, and I believe that I have four scenes (that I know of) to write. I still need to key in my notes from this time through, but I'm going to try to have the new stuff written before I receive VC packets on Friday.

By the way, I was reading over at AL's blog that her 18-year-old son thinks she's vain for hosting a website about herself. She takes it in stride, but I suggest Spookcyn readers surf over to offer some TLC (especially any of you who've ever been criticized by a teenager, whether you were one yourself at the time or not).

Also, am I the only one who thinks clocks that automatically switch to Daylight Savings Time are creepy?

Comic O the Week: a hard-fought battle. Runners-up were Batman: Legends of the Dark Knift #202 and Ultimate Spider-Man #92 (could anyone with a magnifying glass please tell me what Kitty says to Peter when they are reunited to prove she's her?); but the winner is: Spike Versus Dracula #2!

Comic Observation O the Week: any superhero whose code name ends with "lad" has a short future.