Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Par-tay

"Yeah, I've gotta great rack."
--Cyn, WriteFest 05

Gulf shrimp, ham-and-brie sandwiches, chicken satay, many and varied fancy quesadillas, rustic frommage, veggie plate, dark-chocolate-covered strawberries, and any other number of yummy delights I'm too tired to specify right now. Also wine. A really whole hell of a lot of--as in, you can't begin to imagine how much--wine.

Floral garnishes.

Plus, wardrobe.

Sure, there are things I could tell you. About good luck and bad. About wizards and immortals and cheerleaders and Mary Anne Gone Bad. About Wolverine and men in boobs and women dressed as men who'd never dress as women. About Hawai'ian girls and really odd plastic armor lap dances and ghosts in a family way. The Pope, Death (cap D), and The Tin Man. Big brains, bad-ass motorcycle mamas, soccer dudes, Goth chicks, and the walking wounded. There's a whole lot I could tell you about them and more.

But ya know...

Sometimes, ya just gotta be there.