Friday, June 17, 2005

Siesta Cyn

Following the mushroom/spinach quiche, LR's morning talk on "writing the hard scenes" was a great success as was the reading of last night's homework, especially SP's.

G ran to LID with AL, one of our pages (our other page is Stephanie Marshall), at lunch. But I just gave the speakers lunch money and snuck off by myself for a few blessed moments of solitude/down time/siesta at Whole Foods (brown rice spicy sushi and bottled water).

This afternoon, I look forward to the final group discussions and ongoing breakout sessions.

Then, tonight.

The party.

I'm thinking I'll wear my black-and-red lace bustier with black pants, my cat ears and tail, and carry my red-jewel eyed, demon wolf staff. Am somewhat worried that the bustier will accidentally spring off my body.

But on the upside, if so, there will be plenty of cameras ready and LB promises to blog about it.