Friday, June 17, 2005

Party Prep

Everyone is out of the house except me and G. (Kitties are here though, too, and holding up quite stoically). The WFers are shopping, resting, whatever.

We encouraged them to hydrate.

Awards have now all been announced.

The award for best praise of hosts went to MeredithD in the short division and KD in the long division--both wrote poems. MD's was more of a haiku.

The awards for best use of a cat in a manuscript went to FH and CC, and the sad-cat award went to BY.

MD will be back shortly to help G fetch the catering for the party at Central Market.

My makeup is on and dangly red-and-silver earrings are in.

Planning to augment with previously mentioned apparel with matching necklace and Steve Madden rhinestone spiked heels.

Set up and dinner first, though!

Party at 6:30 p.m.!

Spooky News

Rumor has it that a 10-foot-long python was spotted this week in Shoal Creek. Leash your dogs and toddlers accordingly!