Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dress Dilemma

I'm not not writing, I'm just not writing. Probably because of all the joyous craft-related happenings of the past month, my writing well stands at the dead-center of Drought City this week.

Today, being idea-free, I referred a lovely anthologist to two other authors. My to-do list for the week is basically limited to some pre-writing for Cynsations, cleaning out my office closet (no meager task), and organizing my new books (need more shelves).

This afternoon I did something I hardly ever do: I went to the mall. Barton Creek Square Mall to be precise. I'm the only attendant in a wedding next month, so I'm supposed to pick out any tea-or-full length dress in "fall colors." I had zero luck at the mall or at any of the three bridal shops I scoured.

At Sue Patrick, I did find a dress that will work and bought it just in case I don't find anything I like better. It's chocolate brown and gauzy with a tear-like layered skirt and a floral applique across the top and skirt. It looks okay on, but I'm not sure I love it.

My observation: formal wear is for women (a) under 30; (b) over 65; (c) six-feet tall; (d) looking for something in the jewel color tone family; (e) with a budget for $2000+ dresses. Sigh.