Sunday, August 27, 2006

Raspberry Swirl

I'm deep in VC packets at the moment.

This also is the first day I've taken off working out in the past couple of weeks, which GLS insists is important to "let the muscles knit."

Are my muscles unknitted? I don't know, but it sounds--and feels--scary!

We had a lovely dinner party tonight at home for a couple of friends who recently married in Hawaii--heart of palm salad (red onion, heart of palm, shrimp salad, tomato), shrimp scampi (with an Chinese-ish sauce, mushrooms), then finished with rasberry swirl Haagen Dazs yogurt over mixed berries (ras, black, and blue). Do not miss this yogurt! It's divine.

I enjoyed last night's season finale of "Monk," but will counting the days until new episodes in January.