Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Oh, how I adore Halloween! I bought a large witchy boot-shaped balloon with a balloon black kitty coming out of the top at Randall's. Out and about town, I spotted several hippie and biker-themed costumes--of course this being Austin, those may have been regular clothes.

I didn't get much more done on E than copyediting all I'd written yesterday. Well, 300 words. But I did figure out something major about M's motivation. Research topic: Elizabeth Bathory.

Last night was critique group at AB's. I brought the kitty balloon. Dinner was light havarti dill on brown rice snaps, cucumbers with hummus, salsa and Halloween chips (orange and blue corn), smoked salmon and smoked chicken, pasta salad and garden salad with candy apples for dessert (mine was a kitty apple--green Granny Smith with dark chocolate).

We all wore costumes of course. And there were prizes.

GLS was a Ninja and winner of the survival kit in a sardine can.

I was a Sanguini's vampire (with bat wings and everything), and winner of the staple-free stapler.

TC was a kid from the Line and winner of a pocket magnifyer (with a light). TC just took over as the Austin SCBWI RA.

SP was a character from his graphic novel WIP and winner of a blue dog pencil sharpener. SP has been in Phoenix the past few months, and we were thrilled to have him back.

AB was a tacky tourist and winner of the mini lava lamp (also with a light).

We all brought something to read, and it was one of our stronger mss nights ever. I brought two new chapters from Z's point of view, and I was interested in whether he'd be embraced after the mourning for T. Everyone was quite positive about the voice, J, suitability for M, juxtaposition of humor against seriousness/reverence, hope and stakes, and back story. SP mentioned that one element reminded him of an element in "The Matrix" in a good way.

Only one tricker treater, dressed as a football player.