Sunday, October 15, 2006

Tantalize Bookmark from Candlewick Press

Thanks to all the YA librarians, authors, and other enthusiasts who've written in of late with Tantalize (Candlewick, February 2007) ARC cheers. Thanks too to The Goddess of YA Literature for her hurrah post, "a tasty treat."

More excitement on that front includes a new promotional bookmark from Candlewick Press. It's gorgeous, combining the final cover art and an interior art element--an excerpt of the menu at Sanguini's!

Those who read Cynsations know that I'm just back from the JCLC in Dallas. I'm going to take advantage of today to work on E as VC packets begin arriving tomorrow and the Austin SCBWI fall conference is this weekend.

I am writing whenever a window allows though. I restarted F&M, now E, from the beginning and am at about page 30 of the revision. I've also changed the name of the co-protagonist to something GLS agrees is "less 80s."