Friday, October 27, 2006

Multiple Monsters

"Keep Austin Scary"
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Progress on E is steady if not speedy. I rewrote one scene Wednesday night, which isn't something I'd normally do before I had a whole draft. But it was important to clarify a time gap.

This is another one of my books in which a landmark incident takes place some time before the story really kicks off. Intrinsically, that seems like a bad idea. But I guess, especially for a suspenseful book, it's good to start with a particularly strong hook and build energy again. Like "The X-Files" would do before the credits. Then I can begin integrating more depth into the fantasy construct.

Speaking of which, I'm seeing of late why more authors don't do multi-monster-verses (universes with multiple monsters, not monsters speaking in verse, though that could be interesting). It's a lot to weave, though the juxtapositions are interesting.

That said, I need to get more religious again about having a pen and paper by my bedside. I came up with a few scene starters for today's mission last night before falling asleep and had to scramble to find a Post-it note and working pen to get them down.

Research issues of late have included: grassy knoll; first atom bomb; the spelling/meaning of "Jamilya" and the Amtrak Texas Eagle.

Yesterday, my lunch date was JZ at Guero's Taco Bar. I had the shrimp fajitas (Guero's in one of the restaurants that serve whole wheat tortillas, which I appreciate). Austinites should take note that JZ's new YA, Alpha Dog (Delacorte, 2006), is set here locally.

And now it's Friday! I had lunch today with GB at Castle Hill (tomato basil soup)(we had a TR sighting), and then tonight TLS is flying in from Vermont for Texas Book Festival!

Look for me and GLS tomorrow at the 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. panel and later reception in honor of the Writers' League book award winners and finalists. Congrats again to GLS who is a finalist in the children's long book division for Tofu and T. rex (Little Brown, 2005). See event details!