Sunday, February 13, 2005

"1985" by Bowling For Soup

I was just writing a friend about waking up one day in your 30s, realizing you're really a grown-up, and this is where your decisions have brought you. Not that you can't reinvent yourself at any age (exhibit: Cher), but certainly, this is point where you're firmly up and running.

Question is, you're firmly up and running where?

I just stopped for a moment and took a look around. I love what I'm seeing. Just here, in the tiny office in my under-rennovation '20s house. Next to the washer and dryer closet. Adjacent to the cat litter room. Air purifier (no smelly-ness, no worries). Ceiling fan. Four cats--three tabbies, one snow white. Wonder Woman lunch box next to my tiara and vampy sunglasses on the shelf. Celtic cross and Donald Vann wolf painting above the desk. Wall-to-wall research for my works-in-progress. Folders of said manuscripts. Books I've written myself (my goal was to publish three; hitting that point was freeing). Hill country view (well, almost). It's a little slice of a bigger life. And the broader view is even better.

Nifty Links

Bowling for Soup has a hit song about this, "1985."

Note: remember how I was saying Greg was sprawled on the daybed watching "Star Trek" episodes? Now, he's feeling well enough to post about them. I take it this is a sign he's on the mend. My personal thoughts on "Star Trek": (1) more of a "Star Wars" person but married an engineer; (2) liked only "DS9;" (3) favorite characters: Jadzia Dax; Worf; and Vic, which is how I became a James Darren fan.

Also, roughed out another three pages on F&M. Just a couple of scenes to go on the first draft.