Monday, November 14, 2005

The Goodie Bag

The author goodie bag I received at the Star-Lit Children's Literary Festival included:

a CD of Peter Boyer "Ellis Island, the Dream of America;"
the November 2005 "Comfort Food" issue of Texas Monthly;
a hard-cover biography of Benjamin Franklin;
an event T-shirt;
a note pad, paper, and Post-It from Republic Title;
cheese in the shape (and colors) of Texas;
Sesame Thins (crackers);
Texican salsa;
tortilla chips;
dried fruit in a plastic container from Central Market;
a cowboy-hat-shaped cookie cutter;
Burger House seasoning salt;
a Border's wrist band;
a white chocolate in the shape of Texas;
a Republic Title coffee mug;
peanuts from Austin Nuts;
Silicon cowboy soap;
The Thymes Ginger Milk Body Lotion;
Tazo Chai Tea;
a blue-and-white canvas bag with a blue-and-white checked interior, garnished with a golden star holiday ornament.