Tuesday, November 01, 2005

More All Saints: Revisiting Crits

SP: liked the two different worlds and voices, the concept, the comic relief. He thought it was more clear what T wanted than D (despite the letter, so I'll look into adding a reinforcing line). He thought a reference to "only" might better convey. Admired the creepy factor on D's side and the world construct on T's.

TC: ditto on the two worlds. "Fresh, new idea." Humor. The "touch of the modern." Thought the local flavor was well developed; said it made him want to read more.

AB: surprised on the r gender issue. Liked T better than D. Wanted more T up front and more of an indication of what D wants.

GLS: thought I'd "really nailed" the voices. "Distinct and different" with tags. Thought I should keep scene order as is. Keep going.

I made a few adjustments in light of comments and got two and a half new pages written today--one full scene, which is excellent, especially for November, which--between Native Heritage Month and children's book week and what not--always is my busiest and most stressful month. I'm completely maxed out but nevertheless filled with the writerly pride.