Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Last night GLS and I celebrated Valentine's Day at home.

He gave me a couple of shiraz/syrah wine tumblers and a bouquet of red roses. I gave him a copy of The Driskill Hotel: Stories of Austin's Legendary Hotel -- A Cookbook for Special Occasions by David J. Bull and Turk Pipkin. He made shrimp and turkey thighs with peppers, onions, and squash for dinner, and after dining, we watched "Charade," which is my second favorite Audrey Hepburn movie after "My Fair Lady."

Incidentally, I must confess that I've always thought the fuss over the right glass for the right wine was simply a manifestation of snobbery and marketing, but I was so wrong. It makes quite a difference for the better.

Today, I received valentines from AB and LGS--sweet! And GLS and I had a wonderful lunch with JW at ClayPit: Grill and Curry House (try the Taj Mahal soup--"fresh lentil and vegetable soup with a quick tempering of cumin").

Look for JW's debut novel, Escape from Arylon (The Silverskin Legacy)(Llewellyn, 2006). It's the first in a trilogy!