Thursday, February 23, 2006


It's silly while writing the second first draft to fret something like the title, which might well be changed by Marketing anyway. But I have my vaguley o-c preoccuptions. Not long ago I changed my WIP title from F&M to T&C:ALS because I thought the latter was rather clever and the juxtaposition of the subhead would hook the market.

I've never had a book with a subhead before, but they always seemed to make novels sound more interesting somehow--maybe just because you get more information. I've been noticing of late, though, that people frequently leave off subheads. In my case, that would give a related but less sellable connotation. So I'm back to F&M. I'll use T&C, though, as a chapter head.

I also found a biblical quote that I'm including for now in the front papers.

13,849 words; I've been going through and reading each draft, keying in changes, then writing the next scene. The idea is not to polish--I'm still looking for the forest, not trimming the trees--but rather to keep the fantasy construct internally consistent.