Friday, February 10, 2006

Mulligan Report

The Mulligan stew was a big hit last night with the crit group. I had some of the leftover whole wheat noodles this morning with my turkey bacon, scrambled eggs, and American cheese for breakfast.

Everyone was likewise positive about the tall tale revision. We read the original version sent to the editor, my summary of his notes, and then my rewrite. Suggestions included making it a more universally tall-tale world rather than specifying Texas (to broaden the market), tightening the series of events, and omitting a "sound" word that was hard on the read-aloud. A good question was raised about the exasperation level of the parent characters, but the teachers in the group seemed convinced that their dialogue rang true. After everyone left, GLS had an additional suggestion to make one of the scenes bigger, and this morning I smoothed out one last parallel construction before contacting my agent. Cross fingers!

This afternoon, I must set my own writing aside for a few days to focus on VC MFA packets. New students, new writing, most exciting!

Spooky News & Links

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Comic of the Week: Nightwing #117--sigh.