Thursday, June 01, 2006

Eerie, Indiana

Last weekend, GLS and I enjoyed watching what appears to be the only three episodes of a 1991 series, "Eerie, Indianna." It's cute and creepy in more of a suburban than small town riff way, as the title suggests. Worth seeing for the premier episode alone. Too bad the network didn't give it more of a chance. A cult following would've quickly developed and spread.

Today, I'm in Randall's, looking for a b-day card for my mom, and what greets me but a mega end cap with Sarah Dessen paperbacks and information on a contest to "win a phone call" with the author as well as a 2GB iPod Nano and a signed collection of her books. So long as the authors' royalties aren't reduced, I'm all in favor of books in grocery stores. Not everyone goes into bookstores (awk!), but everyone except possibly Bush Sr., goes into grocery stores. So, we can reach more readers that way. As a fellow author, it occured to me that the prize is a good one in part because SD is so witty and charming (exhibit her LJ). OTOH, I--who occasionally fall into idiot babble mode--might not be as good of a pick for such a promotion.