Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tantalize Cover Art Sneak Peek

I've received my final cover art for Tantalize (Candlewick, March 2007), and I'm so jazzed that I'm posting it here tonight.

Luscious, don't you think?

It's odd. I'm incredibly nervous.

I have been all day.

I guess it's because the art makes it all seem more real somehow. I'm obsessing over early ARC reads (bless all who've sent cheers/blurbs), whether people will use it as kindling because they hate some part of the text that won't make the final book anyway. You know, the usual.

Plus, I sent F&M to my agent on Monday--yay! yikes!--which means I'm in dreaded wait mode and, worse, I've returned to reality from my latest fictional world. No distractions, nothing to hold the fear at bay.

Highly overrated, reality. No wonder fiction is my life.

But you know, that girl on the cover? She's Quincie. My hero. It's such a thrill to finally see her face.

Spooky Notes

I'm not sure how/whether the art will reproduce for the LJ syndication, so I invite those readers to check it out on Blogger. Comments are welcome, and because I'm feeling especially candid about my emotional needs, allow me to clarify. I want praise. Rejoicing. Confetti.