Monday, September 05, 2005

Anniversary Retreat

Just back from two days and nights with GLS at the Hillcountry Hyatt in celebration of our 11th anniversary. (We cancelled our 10th anniversary trip last year after my dad died, so...).

The Hyatt is a golf/spa resort just outside of San Antonio--particularly suited to family vacations (maybe more so than couples). Overall, it's a great destination, though the service is occasionally uneven. The crowd was mixed, but mostly middle class, Anglos/Mexican Americans (lots of mixed families), and ready to soak in the last weekend of the summer.

Pros: the faux river for inner tube rafting, a very hillcountry activity; Viceroy butterflies; waterfall in the hot tub; private feel to rooms; well-behaved child guests en masse; loooong copper bar; throwing peanut shells on the floor (you're supposed to); peeking in on the Laredo/Oregon wedding crowd.

GLS and I also watched "The Incredibles," which I recommend (compare to "Spy Kids"--"TI" was better written but its focus more on the adult than kid characters) and "Bewitched," which I do not recommend (as GLS said, "Nicole Kidman playing Melanie Griffith playing..."....who's being marketed as a 20something "dumb blonde" these days? And when will that stereotype finally die out?).

Back to reality and, so, Katrina. Austin SCBWI is donating children's books to shelters housing survivors locally, so I'm pulling titles today.