Friday, September 23, 2005

Back In The Saddle

I started my first draft of F&M today. I did the statutory two pages, which, given the chapter head spacing, ended up at about 400 words. Perhaps you thinking, But wait, Cyn, didn't you already finish a rough draft of F&M last winter?

The answer is, yes, careful reader. But self-punishing thing that I am, I routinely throw out the first draft that is keyed out (no great loss to humanity, I promise) and start over, taking what sticks with me and heightening everything.

At this rate, I'll probably have a new, complete draft by the end of January, depending on any unanticipated schedule fluctuations. From that, I hope to have a workable version of the mss that will eventually go to my agent. My spring is as lightly scheduled this year as fall is packed.

Driving up Exposition (should be renamed "McMansion Avenue") today, I noticed tons of cars and trucks lining both sides of the street near O. Henry Middle School. I'm guessing it's one of the evacuee shelters, which explains why that Randall's off Lake Austin was so bought out yesterday. GLS told me we have something like 40,000 Rita-related visitors in shelters, in addition to everyone staying with friends family, and the 65,000 ACL crowd. Put mildly, the roads are crowded, but beyond that, the city plan seems to be working. (Really heartening when you think about it). Right now, you can still get premium gas here, but that's it.

In other local news, L&S are planning a free bash to "thank Austin for its support of his athletic feats and his charitable endeavors." The couple is paying for the whole show. That's so gracious, don't you think? Congrats to them both on the engagement, too!