Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Tenderfeet actually.

So, I'm having a great morning. I was awakened by Boo kitty chewing on my hair (that is not the great part), checked my email, worked out (treadmill, Shania Twain), formatted an upcoming interview on cynsations with KWH, and got ready to have lunch with GB at ZTejas on 6th.

For some insane reason, I decide to (a) wear my 3 inch wedges and (b) walk down the steep side of Castle Hill via the asphalt-paved street. It's a big hill. A Hillcountry hill. People from San Francisco would say, "Hey, that's a hill!"

About half way down, it became clear I was going to wipe out. So, I take off my shoes and walk babysteps down the rest of the gravely, glass-ridden alley street in my bare feet. In Texas. In the summer. On asphalt. Can we say "ouch"?

On the upside, GB was lovely company and ZTejas is running this special chili menu. Try the green chili chicken soup.