Thursday, September 22, 2005


Rita is apparently upswinging to Galveston/Houston, which population-wise is awful.

I stopped by Randall's today, and there's no more water left. It's not a panic or anything, just prudence. Austin is no longer in the eye zone as predicted yesterday, but the city is still telling people to be ready for a blackout, flooding, etc., for a couple of days. There are still lots of options, though. People can always go to The Container Store or a camping store and just fill up jugs.

The friendly guy ahead of me in line said that he'd just driven in from Galveston at about 4 miles per hour. I heard on the radio that people were running out of gas on the highway, so the governor is having it delivered to them. Traffic here is pretty intense though because of evacuees.

So far the city/state officials seem to be on top of things, and people are heeding all warnings.