Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Usually in Texas "Rita" Is A Good Thing

Apparently the news is that the Gulf coast is getting slammed with a category 5 hurricane. For context, I just heard on the radio that Texas has never had a category 5. Galveston was a 4.

The incoming highway from Houston is packed. Supposedly, there's not a hotel room left for miles. The Texas A&M-Texas State game was rescheduled for Thursday.

Austin is fairly inland, and they're still talking that Rita may be category 1-2 by the time she hits here. I'm guessing our biggest role will be taking more evacuees. I heard the Louisiana folks were heading to Arkansas.

GLS and I did the responsible thing, though--stocked up with the necessities (plus chocolate) and the refill for Bashi's inhaler. But again, we're fairly inland.

Here's sending out prayers to everyone from but hopefully not still on the coast.

But as of now, by the way, the Austin City Limits Festival is still on. It's expected to attract 65,000 fans.