Friday, September 09, 2005

The U.T. Club

DS-B joined GLS and I out to lunch at the U.T. Club today to celebrate her signing with RS and her recent sale to S&S. DS-B is a Middle Eastern Studies and Art History prof at the U, and her first pb was The History of Counting, illustrated by Michael Hays (Morrow, 1999).

We all went for the buffet, so I had a salad with blue cheese, blue cheese dressing (hey, I love blue cheese), and sunflower seeds, broccoli, artichoke-stuffed chicken, strawberries, and so on. GLS had prime rib and chocolate cake, among other delights.

I made some hefty progress on the D-to-T article, especially with regard to gender roles of the Victorian age (hey, I sound like LB!). Anyway, I still need to address the need for and fuction of gothic fantasy in the close, but I should have a draft done before my packets arrive.

No progress on the fiction front, though I suppose it's all still background, but I may just wait to hit it hard after I'm done grading. October is a low-travel month with perfect ambience. I fully intend to have a workable draft by the end of December.

Attention Austinites: the Louisiana-born owner of an East Austin soul food restaurant, Lola Stephens, and her family and friends are organizing a party starting at 1:00 p.m. Sun. Sept. 11, at her restaurant Nubian Queen Lo-La's Cajun, Soul Food, and BBQ Kitchen, at 1815 Rosewood (corner of Chicon). Lola wants to welcome fellow Louisianians to her new home state by offering them the chance to stage their own musical benefit to raise funds for their resettlement. Every penny raised will go directly to the performers who are currently staying at the Convention Center. -- Source: Texas Folklife Resources.