Friday, September 09, 2005

Suddenly, I'm Amish

My CD player died yesterday--moment of silence--and so I headed to Target for a replacement. Apparently, you can no longer just buy a CD player for your precious Shania, Cher, and Xanadu albums. You must instead buy something that also plays MP3s. I don't even know what an MP3 is, but according to GLS, it can fit a bagillion songs on something the size of a credit card. Too small, too many songs, I'm not interested. Ick. Perhaps I will ask SP to explain it to me.

Plus, I surrendered on my T-to-D essay, only to realize--gasp!--the problem was my topic was too broad. A very snafu I've pointed out to other folks time and time again and yet, here I am, victim to it. I will narrow in the morn.

On the upside, Kerbey Lane Cafe (on Kerbey Lane of course!) has changed its menu since my last visit. I highly recommend the hummus and pitas.