Monday, July 18, 2005

Speaker Cyn

I gave my speech today! I'm done! I'm done! I was first, which made me a tad nervous because I wasn't entirely sure what was expected and I didn't want to disappoint anyone. However, everyone seemed pleased and informed. The handouts were a good idea.

I enjoyed NW's informal Q&A this morning. Had a stimulating conversation with MA at lunch about non-fiction. Co-led my first workshop with RK. And discovered that TWJ used to write for FR. KA's reading made me cry, and I had a fascinating adventure in town with RWG. All in all, a very full day.

Today, I'm thinking about books that work more for the mind versus the heart, whether all of them skew one way or the other, and whether that's maybe okay because all readers tend to skew one way or the other, too.