Monday, March 20, 2006

Flap Quote

My CP editor wrote today with her first pass at the flap copy, a request to give my bio a once-over, and to invite me to offer a quote about T.

Okay. I can talk about T for hours, but in just a few lines--not catalog copy kind of lines? Something else. Theoretically, thoughtful-but-kicky genius author lines?

I have something. Does it sound stupid? Maybe it sounds stupid. I'll ask GLS tonight at dinner if it's stupid.

Let me break this down: Am I supposed to be speaking to prospective reviewers, target readers (14-up), the nice people who'll want to burn me at the stake for writing it? Forget the latter; everbody knows they don't actually read. The business person in me says that I should spin for the grown-ups, highlighting the deeper thematic undertones, but my inner adolescent says to forget all that, trust YAs to figure it out, and just roar.

Spooky News & Links

Congrats to DHA on all the starry attention for An Egg is Quiet (Chronicle, 2006).

Good luck to AB on her upcoming talk!