Thursday, March 30, 2006

The World Stage

I've now successfully at least scribbled in notes from my world-building document into F&M, though of course I'll keep the former handy for reference.

Though there are essentially three main settings for the story, it also takes place quite literally around the globe, which is a wonderful opportunity and also heightens the research/fact-checking burden. The first thing I'm going to do after I key in tonight is to read through and highlight anything I might want to double check and do so before continuing with new scenes. I'm positive I'll also do it again down the road, but there's nothing more disconcerting to the obsessive than having a place name with 16 letters that I can't pronounce, let alone be sure I've spelled correctly.

What was interesting to me about this part of the process--integrating the research and character/fantasy element brainstorms--was that there was clearly a place in the manuscript for each piece of new information. I wouldn't guess that would be true. It seems more likely that I'd end up with a lot of extraneous stuff. Maybe upon revision some will be cut back out, or maybe the subconscious is more savvy than I give it credit.

Also, falling under the category of karma, my apologies to the boisterous phone solicitor who wanted my support in response to the horror of "dark themes" in children's/teen programming and literature. I was perhaps a tad cranky at having my work interrupted by your request for support. That said, you might want to trim gothic fantasy authors from your call list.