Saturday, March 11, 2006

Green Pastures

KA, GLS and I spoke at a successful panel on YA Writing and Literature at AWP. I offered an overview of the field, touched on its history, and then focused on trends, especially in the context of multiculturalism. GLS talked about humor--how to write it in books with substance, and KA offered a "sermon" on who YA readers are today.

Our moderator was the lovely LV, who introduced the topic by showing cover art from Nancy Drew books through the ages.

Afterward, LV's husband joined our group for a long, leisurely lunch at Green Pastures. Spotted: one white peacock. I had the gaspacho with shrimp (and coveted KA's cesar salad with tempura lobster--she was kind enough to share).

Last night, GLS and I watched the syndicated episode of "Star Trek: DS9" where Worf and Jadzia are married in traditonal Klingon style. My husband, who is a trekker (which is what they prefer to be called) informed me that some real-life people really do get married this way, and I didn't entirely believe him until I tried Google and found photos. Since I saw "Star Wars: ANH" more than 350 times (paid admission--granted, many of these for only $1) in the theater as a kid, I personally find the whole thing romantic.

Spooky News & Links

Beyond Nancy Drew: Girls' Literature in the Sallie Bingham Center For Women's History and Culture at Duke University. Bibliography compiled and written by Rabia Geha and Kelly Wooten and edited by Amy Leigh.

Thanks to KR for her suggested agent-related writer links!