Friday, March 31, 2006

Haven Gallery

Last night GLS and I split a chicken, garlic, tomato pizza on whole wheat at Mangia on Lake Austin Boulevard. That was good. It also was the third night this week that we went out instead of staying home and writing. That was not so good. My bad, as the kids say (do they still say that?), as I'm a full-time writer and after a nice afternoon of productivity, I'm more likely to urge us to go play. That's not helpful to GLS though who has a day job. Not that he's complaining, but I resolve to be a better co-author-wife in the future.

Today I played hooky a bit myself, grabbing a hybiscus tea at Magnolia Cafe with AB and then doing a bit O shopping on Sixth Street. We stopped by Positive Images (1118 West Sixth) and Haven Gallery & Fine Gifts (1122 W. Sixth), which recently replaced the Pecan Street Emporium. I urge Austinites to visit Haven Galley and welcome the new business. The remodel is almost as gorgeous as the art--almost! Lots of price points. Definitely a must-see destination!

I'm off to workout and then it's back to F&M!