Thursday, March 23, 2006

Writer's Workout

I've amped up my workouts by another 15 mintes this week. I have a treadmill that folds up against the wall in my dressing room, and I click around my iPod to listen to mostly 80s music as I go. One thing about having the beast of the machine in the house is that, unlike the gym, I can't pretend it doesn't exist or that I can't fit it into my schedule. Mostly, though, I'm just relieved that it hasn't turned into a clothes hanger.

Much of what I do--reading and writing--is fairly sedentary, and a couple of years ago my blood sugar was showing it. I was borderline diabetic, which basically scared me straight. I've revamped my diet to become more nutritious, too (Spookycyn readers have no doubt noticed my adoration for cuisine, sensualist that I am), but I find that regular, intense walking has been the greatest thing I've ever done for my health, including my stress level.

Maybe it's the mind/body connection, but I feel as though I'm writing better, too. In any case, I have to bring a Post-It notepad and pen with me, so I can scribble ideas as they arise. All the blood rushing around seems to inspire my thought process. Or perhaps it's the sweat, thinking in water, as I always seem to get a lot of ideas in the bath/shower, too.

Yesterday I had a long chat with AS in the morning, and speaking of food, that evening GLS and I stopped by Magnolia Cafe on Lake Austin Blvd. for dinner (scrambled eggs and mushroom soup), followed by tuna sashimi at the Four Seasons Lobby Lounge on Town Lake.

Today, I had lunch (Kung Pao shrimp with brown rice) with new voice HH, who's a VC MFA grad. Ausinites, be sure to give her a warm greeting if you spot her at a local SCBWI event!