Sunday, August 28, 2005

10 Cantaloupes for $1

GLS and I had breakfast at Waterloo Ice House (scrambled eggs and whole wheat toast), grocery shopped at Randall's, and ran out to the Arboretum Mall so he could autograph stock at the B&N and I could buy feeders for the squirrels and birds. I finished my fifth packet for VC, and I'm going to start working on a few articles. One is for a university press and the other two will be submitted in support of T.

Randall's is having a special on cataloupes--10 for $1. How many people can store/eat 10 cataloupes while they're still fresh? Think about it!

In other news, I've noticed that GLS is wearing his red Brooklyn ballcap a lot, despite the fact that he claims to be "not a hat person" and that the Chicagoan in him is vaguely competitive of all things NYC. Perhaps it is because the cap is a gift from the ever effervescent Rebel Angel that is LB. I think it looks cute on him.

Shouting out: Happy Birthday to Grandma Melba!