Saturday, August 27, 2005

Tilted Kilt and Hello Kitty (More Wholesome Than It Sounds)

Had a somewhat hilarious time post GLS's signing at Tilted Kilt (we ended up there because it was in the same mall as the B&N) with everybody who'd stuck around until four p.m. -- FH, BY, AL, her not-so-shy daughter, and SP. The place is like Epcot gone naughty. Most delightfully mockable, though the food was utterly inedible.

In more wholesome news, yesterday brought a surprise gift of a plush stuffed kitty and kitty card from HB! Thanks! Kitty is resting comfortably on my bed as I type.

And finally, filing this under wicked happy: I got my check for the remainder of my advance for T!

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